Online Sports Nutrition Degree Programs

There are a few ways to go about getting a sports nutrition degree because these degrees come in different tiers; you can complete a doctoral, master's, bachelor's, or diploma/certificate program. Some of these programs will be concentrations or tracks in a larger program, some will be programs completely devoted to sports nutrition, and some will be online sports nutrition degree programs.

Because sports nutrition is such a specialized field of study, many colleges offer four-year programs in a more general subject and offer an extra concentration in sports nutrition. Mansfield University, for instance, offers a bachelor's degree in nutrition with a sports nutrition concentration. So, most of the study will be focused on nutrition in general, but you will take several classes that relate specifically to sports nutrition. The University of Central Florida offers a sport and exercise science master's degree with a sport nutrition track. Both of these programs will not label your degree as a "sports nutrition degree," but they will provide you with respectable undergraduate and graduate degrees with specific knowledge in your chosen field of study.

Degrees that concentrate solely on sports nutrition are harder to come by--harder, but not impossible. The University of Natural Health offers multiple types of sports nutrition degrees. They provide both certified sports nutrition consultant and certified holistic sports nutrition consultant certificate programs. They also offer two dual bachelor's/master's degree programs, meaning you work for both degrees at the same time. One is B.S./M.S. of science in sports nutrition and the other is a B.S./M.S. of science in holistic sports nutrition. Plus, they offer six doctoral sports nutrition degrees; two are doctor of science programs, and four are doctor of philosophy programs. So, though it may be hard to find straight sports nutrition degree programs at first, once you start looking, there are a lot out there.

Getting a Sports Nutrition Degree Online

Now let's look at online sports nutrition degree programs. These types of programs are very popular because they offer the student a lot of flexibility. You don't have to relocate to participate in the program, and you can do your coursework at any time of day, never having to attend a real class. Since it is so hard to find straight sports nutrition undergraduate or graduate degree programs (that aren't tracks or concentrations in a more general field), it is especially hard to find these types of programs online. Therefore, most online sports nutrition degree programs you will find are certificate programs. However, if you search for online certificate/diploma programs, you will find a wealth of opportunity. Huntington College of Health Sciences has a very respectable certificate program in sports nutrition, and those that complete the six course program are eligible to take the national board exam given by the International Society of Sports Nutrition in order to become a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. So, online sports nutrition degree programs are both flexible and profitable.

As the data here shows, there are many ways to go about educating yourself in sports nutrition. You can find your sports nutrition degree in the form of a certificate/diploma, undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or concentration/track in a broader field. So figure out what kind of degree is right for you and apply today!