Sports Nutritionist Job Description

America is slipping into obesity at an overwhelming rate; at a time like this, no job is more important than that of a sports nutritionist. Sports nutrition jobs are popping up in all types of places. According to the dietetic practice group Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition's website, sports nutritionist jobs can be found at, "universities, sports organizations, food corporations, fitness clubs, corporate wellness, cardiac rehabilitation, and with physicians in bariatric surgery or family practice." That is a lot of opportunity.

Where to Find Sports Nutrition Jobs

Sports nutrition jobs at universities can be found in various departments. The college's health center may provide a sports nutritionist for the student body, where the nutritionist would be available for individual consultations. If the sports nutritionist has a graduate degree, than that person might also qualify for a teaching position at the university. It is also possible that the university will have a nutritionist work with their athletic teams. In this case, the sports nutritionist's job would be to assess the overall nutrition of the team's members and to develop a dietary plan. It is important that the nutritionist work closely with the coaches. They are partners when it comes to bringing athletes into peak physical condition. Similar duties apply to a professional working with sports organizations.

A sports nutritionist's job at a food corporation may be to help the company plan a set menu or catering menu that promotes fitness. They also might advise a company on what sorts of ingredients to use in specific products that would enhance energy or weight loss.

Fitness clubs might employ a sports nutritionist to help their members achieve the right amount of weight and muscle. The job would entail assessing the dietary and exercise habits of the members and drawing up health plans that will help them reach the healthy body type those individuals are looking for.

Sports nutrition jobs in the corporate wellness arena would deal with a more general sense of health. The nutritionist would advise the people on how best to stay fit in the work place and what kinds of healthy habits they could pick up to increase happiness, productivity, and a healthy lifestyle.

If a professional is working with cardiac rehabilitation patients or patients out of bariatric surgery, than the sports nutrition job would be centered around getting back into a healthy state. The sports nutritionist would advise their clients on the right foods to eat when recovering from illness or surgery, create or advise on an exercise plan for getting healthy, and engage in nutrition counseling.

As you can see, there are sports nutritionist jobs in many different types of places. Whether you feel like working with hard-core athletes, people who are just trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, food industry executives, or recovering patients, there is a job for you. So, scout around and find out what kind of sports nutrition job best suits your sympathies and abilities. It is up to you to lead America away from obesity and towards a better, more fit, future.