Sports Nutritionist Salaries

The sports nutritionist field is a fairly new one, so hard facts on just how high sports nutritionist salaries can be is hard to come by. Even the governmental site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics only assesses the amount of money dietitians make without bothering to distinguish sports nutritionists from the rest. So, though sports nutritionists provide quality specialized care, most of the sports nutrition salary information available is in the general nutritionist field. With that in mind, let's look at a few figures.

Median Salaries for Sports Nutrition

The Bureau of Labor Statistics did a census in 2010 that found the median salary of dietitians and nutritionists to be $53,250 per year. That means half the people in the field made more than this, and half the people in the field made less than this. Both and concur with this median. puts dietitians at a median of $53,812, and finds the median salary to be anywhere from $52,000 to $50,000. All of these sites find the median salary to be somewhere in the early 50's. We can expect sports nutrition salary statistics to be very similar to these numbers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the bottom ten percent of nutritionists and dietitians earned less that $33,330 per year, and the top ten percent earned more than $75,480 per year.'s assessment differed slightly with the bottom ten percent at $44,692 and the top ten percent at $63,597. So, though both sites have a similar median, the range of the Bureau of Labor Statistics is wider than that of How does one make sure their salary will be in the upper ten percent rather than the lower ten percent? Well, things like education, certification, and work experience all combine to amp up both a person's resume and salary. So, it is ideal for students to begin internships or practicums while they are in the process of getting their degree or diploma, so that they have work experience to claim when they enter the field. Obviously, most people will begin making money in the lower half of the salary scale, but if they put in their time, than they will certainly climb their way up to the top.

Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics believes the job growth in the nutritionist industry will grow twenty percent from the year 2010 to the year 2020. With higher demand comes higher salaries. America is filled with people who not only want to eat better, but also people who want to become more active. It should be fair to say that sports nutritionist jobs will be well on the rise, and that sports nutritionist salaries should rise as well.

With all these numbers and statistics, it is evident that sports nutritionist salaries are at a high level indeed. The starting wage is more than decent and if you work hard you can get up to that top ten percent sports nutrition salary you deserve. Not only is the pay good, but so is the feeling you will get knowing that you help people live healthy and happy lifestyles.